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2019 REPI Challenge Request for Pre-Proposals Now Available

The 2019 REPI Challenge Request for Pre-Proposals and the downloadable PDF pre-proposal form are now available through the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities website:

The REPI Challenge, established in 2012, is a competitive process to seek projects that accelerate land conservation and military mission protection through innovative partnerships and shared financing.

The 2019 REPI Challenge seeks to leverage public and private funds that enhance installations and ranges that host key capabilities identified in the National Defense Strategy. The 2019 REPI Challenge is open to all eligible partners at DoD installations and will award up to $15 million in funds by July 2019.

All REPI Challenge pre-proposals will be coordinated with the Military Services and are due by 8 p.m. EST, January 25, 2019. Pre-proposals that are approved will then be invited to submit full proposals. Applicants will be notified of their pre-proposal status by no later than Friday, February 22, 2019.

Partners are strongly encouraged to coordinate closely with local installation or range staff to verify the presence of key National Defense Strategy capabilities prior to proposal development. The REPI Challenge seeks to engage the private sector to access and tap unconventional and high-leverage sources of funding, attract additional philanthropic support, and take advantage of market-based approaches to advance program goals.

Competitive proposals will demonstrate actions that improve military readiness and build a more lethal joint force by protecting assets that support one or more of the following capabilities:

  • Fifth-generation aircraft training and development (e.g., F-35 mission sustainment)
  • Space and cyberspace as warfighting domains Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (e.g., view angles of satellite terminals, effects on radar and sensing equipment)
  • Missile defense
  • Forward force maneuver and posture resilience (e.g., smaller, dispersed, resilient, adaptive basing that include active and passive defenses)
  • Advanced autonomous systems (e.g., testing of deployment of unmanned aerial and underwater vehicles)
  • Marine Air-Ground Task Forces, Amphibious Ready Groups, Marine Expeditionary Units, and Special Operations

Proposals will also be evaluated based on the following traditional REPI Challenge criteria:

  • Protect large parcels of land in priority areas already targeted by DoD installations in a manner that benefits the mission of the installation by protecting, sustaining, enhancing, or facilitating optimum range and installation operations.
  • Attract at least a 1:1 match, with preference given to higher ratios, to include other federal, state, local, or private funds, in-kind contributions, bargain sales, technical assistance, land management and restoration activities, outreach and engagement, planning, etc.
  • Attract multiple and diverse partners who bring financial support and an increased constituency for REPI, including federal and state resources and assistance programs.
  • Coordinate with multiple levels of government to foster effective delivery of local, state, and federal initiatives or programs focused on maintaining compatible land use, land or habitat management or conservation, sustainable management of working lands, or other such interests.
  • Model promising strategies to finance conservation, including market-based incentives, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency revolving funds, and partnerships with private investors and landowners that could be extended to other locations.
  • Leverage land protection or conservation programs managed by the Departments of Agriculture (primarily NRCS and USFS) and the Interior (primarily USFWS) to achieve large-scale land protection with significant conservation and working lands benefits to support the goals and objectives of the Sentinel Landscapes Partnership.  

Last year, the 2018 REPI Challenge resulted in $4.8 million in awards that leveraged nearly $15.8 million in non-DoD partner funding to Ft. Benning, Georgia, and Ft. Huachuca, Arizona. The Army at Ft. Benning will use $3.7 million in REPI Challenge funds to leverage more than $5 million from The Nature Conservancy and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to acquire a 7,051 acre parcel that increases the installation’s compatible buffer by 25% and that benefits at-risk species conservation. The Army and its Sentinel Landscape partners at Ft. Huachuca will use $1.1 million in REPI Challenge funds to leverage more than $3 million in partner funds for a 1,050 acre easement that will reduce competition for scarce water resources in the San Pedro River Watershed.

Additional information on the REPI Challenge, including descriptions of past Challenge projects, is available on the REPI website:



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