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JUST RELEASED FY 2016 Defense Spending By State report available for download.

Groundbreaking Ceremony of San Onofre

Students, parents and staff were on hand to learn of the funding from the Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment to build a more modern elementary school for the San Onofre district.

There are two schools in the Fallbrook District that are receiving funding from the OEA to improve their facilities.

“How the Schools are chosen is a long process,” said Larry Rannals, Former Community Plans & Liaison officer for Marine Corps Installation West - Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. “The schools get entered into a survey for schools in need of assistance then once they are chosen they have to cover twenty percent of the funds then the EOA funds the rest.”

San Onofre Elementary landed in the top 20 of the survey. The funding is going to provide better Science Technology Economy and Mechanics programs for the students, computer labs with wireless internet and will support the enrollment of 900 students.

“This is tremendous to the students” said Sam Jammal, the current Community Liaison with MCI - W. “This school will be just as good as the rest of the schools in the country.”

The school’s construction is projected to last two years, after which the ground where the current school is will be turned into a playground.

Update: There is also a technical error in that San O was number 22 on the list (not top 20).


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