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The Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) is closed until further notice due to the lapse in Federal appropriations. As a result, OEA is prohibited by law, from responding to any matter and regret any inconvenience this may cause. OEA Grantees are authorized to continue grant activities in accordance with Grant Awards funded with OEA program of assistance, during the shutdown.

BRAC Eligibility and Requirements

All BRAC actions begin with congressional authority to establish a BRAC commission. Since 1988, five independent BRAC commissions have recommended closing 451 installations. The last BRAC commission occurred in 2005.

Communities affected by BRAC will appear on the record of decision by the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission. The Commission’s recommendations then become official upon signature by the President. The BRAC Commission’s selection Criteria are set forth by Congress and the BRAC process includes multiple layers of public input throughout the process.

As of September 2017, there are no active BRAC Commission actions. Within its BRAC program area, OEA may only provide assistance to those communities directly affected by the final BRAC report. Only those communities are eligible to receive funds from OEA in relation to the BRAC program.

The Catalog of Domestic Federal Assistance (CDFA) provides a full listing of the Federal programs available for assistance by OEA. The following is a list of grant assistance programs in the CDFA which apply to OEA’s BRAC program area: