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Base Realignment and Closure

Any change to operations on a local military installation can have an impact on the surrounding communities. Whether it is an increase or reduction in number of forces located on base, a base closure, or program adjustment, these changes can disrupt the economic stability of towns and even whole states. To minimize the impacts of military operational changes, OEA provides technical guidance and expertise, as well as financial assistance to state and local governments directly affected by these changes.

If your community is affected by BRAC, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance and the expert support necessary to address the economic impact to local and regional communities. By working with OEA, communities facing BRAC are able to work toward new opportunities for economic stability.

Technical Assistance

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Eligibility and Requirements

Learn how your community may qualify for financial assistance from OEA.

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Establish an LRA

The development of a Local Redevelopment Authority is at the core of any BRAC transition.

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Project Profiles

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Fort Benjamin Harrison

With 7,000 new jobs – far surpassing the 1,050 lost at closure – the redeveloped Fort is thriving.

England Air Force Base

Now providing 2,308 jobs to locals, up from 750 jobs pre-closure, the site is a boon to the region.

Charleston Naval Complex

The former Navy complex is a robust mixed-use site, hosting 90 organizations with 6,000 employees.

Cameron Station

Cameron Station has transformed into a vibrant residential community with over 2,000 units.

Buckley Annex

800 residential units and 400 full time jobs are expected to be created.

Brooks City-Base Texas

The redevelopment of the base continues, with 150% of lost jobs already replaced.

Bergstrom Air Force Base

Converting from military installation to international airport tripled the number of jobs on site.

Army Materials Technology Laboratory

The site went from 540 civilian jobs pre-closure to more than 1,000 people now employed.



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