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Military council protects Moody

VALDOSTA — The Georgia House of Representatives has released its final report from its Study Committee on Military Affairs which includes important recommendations for military installations in Georgia.

The report includes recommendations for education, future legislation, planning and infrastructure and encroachment.

The Study Committee on Military Affairs was created for the purpose of protecting Georgia’s military bases from the Base Realignment and Closure commission, a federal commission that is known for regularly closing military bases around the country.

Because of the threat of drastic closures, the study committee meets regularly to hear testimonies from Georgia’s military, civilian and community leaders in order to gain a better perspective about the condition of Georgia’s military operations.

Georgia ranks as the fifth largest military population in America, and its economic impact is nearly $20 billion per year, making military contribution essential to Georgia’s well-being, according to the report.

Georgia has remained relatively unscathed by Base Realignment and Closure until 2005, when four bases were shut down. Base closures are a crucial concern for Georgia, given that it is home to an expansive military population and its economy is enhanced by the military population.

In addition to Georgia’s large military population, it is home to the southernmost tactical fighter base in the United States: Moody Air Force Base.

Moody employs 5,500 people on base and indirectly employs another 4,700 off-base, making it a vital part of the community, according to the study committee’s report.

Because of Moody’s important place in the community, leaders are concerned about another potential BRAC and how it could affect Moody.

Area leaders have created the South Georgia Military Affairs Council to prepare for the next possible BRAC.

SGMAC is comprised of chamber of commerce leaders from the four counties most impacted by Moody: Cook, Lanier, Berrien and Lowndes. The committee is dedicated to advocating for local policies that could affect Moody’s future.

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