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Brooks City-Base Texas, Texas

Program: Base Realignment and Closure

Brooks City-Base Texas, Texas


The redevelopment of Brooks City-Base continues to gain momentum with 150% of lost civilian jobs already replaced.

Brooks Today

The partnership between the U.S. Air Force and the City of San Antonio has enhanced redevelopment at Brooks (formerly known as Brooks City-Base) and southeast San Antonio. The Brooks Development Authority (BDA) has experienced significant success in its efforts to reuse the vacated former Air Force facilities, replace lost jobs and bolster the economy. Today, Brooks is a mixed-use community focused on attracting businesses that create high-paying jobs for the region and all of San Antonio.

Brooks is now home to more than 30 businesses, apartment homes, a full-service hotel, Mission Trail Baptist Hospital, a medical school, K-12 charter schools, event venues, retail and dining options, and a soon-to-open 43-acre park. More than 3,000 jobs have been created with an average salary of $50,000. In 2004, the value of the 2,500 acres that encompass the Brooks tax increment reinvestment zone (TIRZ) was $36.8 million. In the past 12 years, due to the development that has occurred at and around the Brooks campus, the TIRZ is now valued at $607 million (2016). There is $1.5 billion in economic output from this property, and there are more than 750 acres still to be developed.


Brooks is located in San Antonio/Bexar County, TX. In 2000, Congress authorized the creation of Brooks City-Base -- a collaboration between the Air Force and San Antonio to: "improve Air Force mission effectiveness and reduce the cost of providing quality installation support at Brooks Air Force Base (AFB).” The effect of the collaboration was the privatization of Brooks AFB, and the transfer of real property from the Air Force to the newly-formed BDA in July 2002. In return for the transfer, Air Force and Department of Defense (DoD) entities could occupy their existing facilities rent-free, but pay BDA for certain operation and maintenance costs and utilities.

The 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC) recommended the realignment of all military missions at Brooks City-Base, resulting in the loss of 1,201 civilian and 749 contractor positions.

Because nearly all real property from the former Brooks AFB transferred to BDA in 2002, no real property remained to be disposed in response to the BRAC 2005 recommendation. As a result, no homeless or other public benefit conveyance outreach was required as part of the redevelopment planning process.

The main goal of the reuse plan was replacing jobs; however, the long-term lease that had established the Brooks City-Base did not foresee DoD vacating these facilities. The loss of DoD service fees accompanied by the unexpected availability of facilities not configured for commercial use represented a significant challenge for BDA’s limited financial resources and organizational capacity.

The BDA responded by investing more than $35 million in infrastructure since 2004 on the 1,308-acre campus. BDA has been successful in obtaining significant funding via tax increment financing to improve the streets in order to open the campus for new development opportunities which have helped to mitigate the BRAC 2005 losses. Major tenants now include a DPT Pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, Mission Solar, Mission Trail Baptist Hospital, Carenet Healthcare Services, and the new addition of Nissei Plastics Industrial, a Japanese manufacturing company.

Updated October, 2017

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