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Crane NSA, Indiana

Program: Compatible Use

Crane NSA, Indiana

Indiana continues collaborating with NSA Crane to protect natural resources vital to the economy while ensuring that the Installation meets its military mission.

The State of Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs is serving as the project sponsor and grantee for the 37-month Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) for communities around Naval Support Activity (NSA) Crane. The State of Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs JLUS was completed in February 2017. The Counties of Daviess, Greene, Lawrence, Martin and Sullivan (Glendora Lake Test Facility) and other affected stakeholders, participated in the study, and are currently collaborating to implement the JLUS recommendations. 

The State of Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs JLUS represents a community-driven planning process among NSA Crane and the surrounding communities to promote compatible civilian development in support of military readiness and defense capabilities; protect public health, safety, general welfare, and quality of life; promote the economic viability of the communities; and foster continued communication among NSA Crane, Lake Glendora Test Facility and the surrounding communities to address compatibility issues. 

The large, wooded NSA Crane installation has a long history of environmental stewardship, maintaining a delicate balance between the mission and environmental impact to the base and surrounding communities. NSA Crane manages a major hardwood timber production and supports a diverse wildlife population, working with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the State of Indiana’s lead entity for implementing federal and state environmental regulations. These regulations protect human health and allows reliable agricultural, commercial and government activities for the surrounding area.

Current land use surrounding NSA Crane is predominately agricultural and undeveloped. All the surrounding land areas are under the jurisdiction of counties that have no established zoning ordinances or land use controls in place. Recent expansion of the I-69 corridor has raised potential encroachment concerns regarding future urban development. Development along this interstate highway corridor could include activities that inhibit various testing missions and other operations, especially with a lack of any land use controls to guide compatible development. 

Future development may lead to increasing noise complaints related to demolition operations and small arms range uses. Frequency spectrum and electromagnetic interference also could inhibit testing and operations on the installation. Antiterrorism/Force Protection and line of sight security issues at the Lake Glendora Test Facility already are having a negative impact on testing operations.

The JLUS planning process resulted in completion of the following deliverables.

  • Joint Land Use Study final report that included identification of compatibility issues and recommended actions to address or mitigate the encroachment issues at NSA Crane and the Lake Glendora Test Facility.
  • GIS Internet Mapping Application that allows the public to spatially view critical planning information such as municipal boundaries, tax map parcels, water bodies, infrastructure data, and zoning information, including a Military Overlay District.
  • Timeline graphics to identify when potential future land use conflicts may arise.
  • Website dedicated to promoting land use compatibility in communities surrounding NSA Crane and the Lake Glendora Test Facility.

Point of Contact:

Matt Crouch

Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs

(317) 750-7670

Program: Compatible Use

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