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FY 2015 Defense Spending By State report now available for download.

Defense Manufacturing Assistance Program


Regional Background

The downsizing of the military has led to the reduction, and in some cases, cancellation of contracts and orders in the defense industry supply chain. This dynamic is causing adverse impacts on communities as small and medium-sized manufacturing and other types of companies face reduced revenues and shed employees, particularly in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. The impact on communities means loss of jobs, loss of disposable income, and loss of revenues in retail, commercial, and industrial enterprises.

Project Overview

DoD’s Office of Economic Adjustment issued a grant through its Defense Industry Adjustment program to provide the region, which encompasses Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, with assistance in mitigating the adverse impact of defense industry cuts. Through range of experts within and outside of academia to further assist in the planning or implementation process. Each university will provide access to technology and intellectual property for potential commercialization by defense contractors that are seeking opportunities to diversify into new markets.

This approach draws extensively on a proven model for distressed community assistance and on programs directed toward job creation and retention.

Projected Outcomes

The ultimate goal of this program is to grow the capacity, capabilities, and experience of communities and companies to increase revenue, resulting in the creation and retention of jobs in the region.