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Fort Jackson/McEntire, South Carolina

Program: Compatible Use

Fort Jackson/McEntire, South Carolina

Communities surrounding Fort Jackson/McEntire work with neighboring military installations to address current and future civilian development.

The Central Midlands Council of Governments served as the project sponsor and grantee for the Joint Land Use Study (JLUS), completed in November 2009, surrounding the Fort Jackson/McEntire Army National Guard Site (ANGS). 

The JLUS represents a community-driven planning process among Fort Jackson/McEntire ANGS and the surrounding communities to promote compatible civilian development in support of military readiness and defense capabilities; protect public health, safety, general welfare, and quality of life; promote the economic viability of the communities; and foster continued communication among Fort Jackson/McEntire ANGS and surrounding communities to address compatibility issues. 

Fort Jackson, comprised of 52,301 acres near Columbia, is where the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command operates basic combat training. McEntire ANGS, comprised of 2,473 acres near Eastover, is owned by the U.S. Air Force affiliated with the South Carolina Air National Guard. 

Industrial and commercial development on the northern boundary of Fort Jackson coupled with residential growth south and east of Fort Jackson and north of McEntire ANGS will likely have a negative effect on the installations’ operational missions. A portion of Fort Jackson, the McCrady Training Center, is located six miles south of the base and is used for helicopter training and operational exercises. A commercial developer declared intent to develop 143 acres adjacent to Fort Jackson's southern boundary with the potential to adversely impact the helicopter training and operational exercises.

The following deliverables are a result of the JLUS planning process:

  • Joint Land Use Study final report to identify compatibility issues and recommended actions to address and mitigate the encroachment issues surrounding Fort Jackson and McEntire ANGS;
  • Comprehensive Plan recommendations, two Small Area Plans, Leesburg Road Corridor Study; and
  • Land Suitability Analysis to promote agriculture preservation/conservation in the region.

The Central Midlands Council of Governments continues to oversee the implementation of the recommendations resulting from the JLUS, including include two Small Area Plans, Leesburg Road Corridor Study, and a case study review and land suitability analysis to assist in the promotion of small farms and agriculture preservation/conservation in the region, both compatible with continued military operations.

Point of Contact

Gregory Sprouse

Senior Planner

Central Midlands Council of Governments


Program: Compatible Use

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