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Grissom Air Reserve Base, Indiana

Program: Compatible Use

Grissom Air Reserve Base, Indiana

Miami County is leading an effort to work with Grissom Air Reserve Base to ensure compatible growth at the Grissom Aeroplex and surrounding areas.

The Miami County Economic Development Authority (MCEDA) is the project sponsor and grantee for the Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) surrounding Grissom Air Reserve Base (ARB). Because Grissom ARB's footprint extends beyond the legal boundaries of Miami County, MCEDA has also invited and included three other contiguous counties and their major municipalities into the JLUS process and Policy Committee structure. These jurisdictions include Cass County and the City of Logansport; Howard County and the City of Kokomo; and Wabash County and the City of Wabash.

The MCEDA JLUS is a community-driven planning process designed to promote compatible civilian development in support of military readiness and defense capabilities; protect public health, safety, welfare, and quality of life; promote the economic viability of the communities; and foster continued communication among Grissom ARB and the surrounding communities to address compatibility issues.

With its primary mission of worldwide air-to-air refueling, Grissom is the largest air refueling wing in the Air Force Reserve Command. Civil aviation use of the runways and taxiways are permitted through a Joint Use Aviation Agreement executed in September 2006, and the immediate area, known as Grissom Aeroplex, is a mixed-used development that includes residential, recreational, and industrial complexes. As more commercial development occurs within and around Grissom Aeroplex, the potential for conflict with continued military operations rises.

The JLUS will assist the area communities with planning efforts and provide a blueprint for coordination of the various efforts, building upon the current land use control system in place while addressing future compatibility issues. 

The following deliverables are anticipated from this 12-month study effort:

  • Joint Land Use Study final report and Work Plan, to identify compatibility issues and recommended actions to address or mitigate the encroachment issues at Grissom ARB.
  • Public Involvement Plan identifying how the consultant will engage and solicit input on the plan by the public.
  • Project Overview to describe Grissom operations, operational footprint, JLUS community structure, and summary of compatible uses and recommendations.
  • Website dedicated to promoting land use compatibility in communities surrounding Grissom ARB.

Point of Contact:

Mr. Jim Tidd

Miami County Economic Development Authority

(765) 689-0159

Program: Compatible Use

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