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Hampton Roads Region – Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia

Norfolk and Virginia Beach team up with local Naval installations to address growth and compatibility issues.

The Hampton Roads region in Virginia has a heavy concentration of military installations.  To help ensure compatible growth and use among the communities and the military, the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission is serving as the project sponsor of the Hampton Roads- Norfolk Beach Joint Land Use Study (JLUS).  The cities of Norfolk and Virginia Beach are also partners in the effort. 

The community-driven JLUS is designed to promote and increase compatible community development around four Navy installations in the region: JEB Little Creek-Fort Story, NAS Oceana, NS Norfolk, and NSA Hampton Roads.  Specifically, the study will look at reducing any incompatible community development’s impact on the military of. The JLUS will focus on critical local infrastructure supporting the Navy installations and operations, which are increasingly at risk from recurrent flooding, erosion, and coastal storm events.  The study will aim to reduce potential conflicts between military operations and surrounding communities and will consider issues such as development, redevelopment, economic growth, and protecting public health and safety to preserve the operational missions of the installations.

Primary compatibility issues being addressed in the Hampton Roads JLUS include:

  • Land use
  • Water quality/quantity
  • Existing infrastructure and planned extensions
  • Transportation
  • Communication/coordination
  • Environmental factors
  • Legislative initiatives
  • Marine environments

The JLUS project is expected to last 24 months and will include the following deliverables: 

Public Engagement Plan, including a Project Overview; Geographic Information System Data and Maps; Existing Conditions and Vulnerability Analyses; Draft and Final JLUS documents, including recommendations for structural and non-structural solutions to address identified vulnerabilities; and an Implementation Strategy to carry out the JLUS recommendations.

Point of Contact

Robert A. Crum

Executive Director

Hampton Roads Planning District Commission 

The Regional Building

 (757) 420-8300

Program: Compatible Use

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