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FY 2015 Defense Spending By State report now available for download.

Middle Georgia . . . Growing Strong


Regional Background

Robins Air Force Base (RAFB) represents a significant part of the employment and wages earned in Middle Georgia. As of September 2013, 78 percent of RAFB employees live in the Middle Georgia region, and one out of every 12.6 workers in the region is employed at Robins AFB. Since 2013, Middle Georgia has experienced significant job losses related to defense industry spending reductions, including 373 civilian billets at Robins AFB, 258 positions with the Air Force Reserve Command Headquarters, 271 positions at Boeing, and all 293 positions at Dyncorp International in Middle Georgia. In addition, 770 more civilian billets are scheduled for elimination from Robins Air Force Base in 2015.

Project Overview

DoD’s Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) issued a Defense Industry Adjustment grant to the Middle Georgia Regional Commission to produce a series of three regional asset maps, a regional leadership group and an initiative called Middle Georgia… Growing Strong, to identify and address necessary changes in the regional labor market, to ensure employment opportunities for workers, and to ensure that businesses have access to skilled workers.

To help increase the regional understanding of the Middle Georgia economy, particularly as it relates to DoD spending and the industries impacted by it, the Commission will create a series of three asset maps to look at human capital, infrastructure and transportation assets, and an industrial asset map to inventory all businesses, employers, and key industry clusters. The industrial base asset map will include strong collaboration with Georgia’s concurrent project with the OEA.

The grant also includes creation of a regional leadership group for Middle Georgia, known as the Middle Georgia Regional Leadership Champions Program, to focus on regional collaboration for future development in Middle Georgia, bringing together key stakeholders from across the region to engage in discussions related to regional issues.

Projected Outcomes

The Middle Georgia…Growing Strong project will aim to create lasting changes in the labor market system that are positive for workers and employers. The project will engage Middle Georgia employers and provide them with resources to be both proactive and reactive to DoD budgets that can affect regional employment. The project is also intended to support workers in improving their range of employment-related skills while improving the quality of work opportunities available to them.