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Nellis Air Force Base , Nevada

Clark County communities are working together with Nellis Air Force Base to ensure civilian development is compatible with base operations.

Clark County is serving as the study sponsor for the Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) for the area surrounding Nellis Air Force Base (AFB). The study area includes the entire Nellis AFB installation complex and associated Special Use Airspace (SUA), Military Operations Areas (MOAs) and Military Training Routes (MTRs) in Nevada.  The JLUS planning process benefits both the military installation complex and its supporting communities by identifying existing and future land use conflicts, and where mitigation strategies, ordinances, and future planning may counter possible civilian development that may impair continued military operations.

Clark County’s JLUS represents a community-driven planning process among military installations and the surrounding communities to: promote compatible civilian development in support of military readiness and defense capabilities; protect public health, safety, general welfare, and quality of life; promote the economic viability of the communities; and foster continued communication among the installations and the surrounding communities to address compatibility issues

A renewed construction boom is pressuring local jurisdictions to consider land uses that are not compatible with the Nellis installation complex operations, especially north and northeast of Nellis AFB underneath the approach/departure corridor from Nellis AFB.Residential development proposed south and southeast of Nellis AFB near the fence line, and potential renewable energy developments are major concerns for the installation and are likely to impair the continued operational utility of the installation complex.

Additional encroachment concerns that could result in further restrictions on operations and training requirements include:

  • Increased noise complaints from residents;
  • Incompatible regional transportation improvements to support urban growth;
  • Increased airspace, light, and frequency spectrum encroachment on flight paths;
  • Anti-terrorism/force protection along the southern boundary of Creech AFB, and;
  • Wild fires on U. S. Bureau of Land Management lands adjacent to the Nellis AFB installation complex.

Point of Contact:

Mario Bermudez

Planning Manager, Clark County

500 S. Grand Central Parkway

Las Vegas, NV 89155

(702) 455-5013

Program: Compatible Use

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