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FY 2015 Defense Spending By State report now available for download.

New Hampshire Defense Industry Partnership


Regional Background

Aerospace and defense are among the fastest growing sectors in New Hampshire. With more than 350 aerospace and defense companies employing 36,000 people, New Hampshire is committed to and dependent on the success of these industries. However, despite innovations and commitment, businesses continue to face challenges and uncertainties due to fluctuations in defense spending. Small businesses that employ less than 50 employees dominate the state’s employers and as such, these companies need assistance in understanding opportunities to expand into new and emerging markets outside of aerospace and defense. The need for a collective response to business challenges led to the development of the New Hampshire Aerospace and Defense Export Consortium (NHEDC). The Consortium focuses on helping businesses in the global marketplace.

Project Overview

The DoD’s Office of Economic Adjustment issued a Defense Industry Adjustment grant to the New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development to assist with the implementation of a variety of NHEDC programs. The grant will assist with:

  • Market Research: assisting companies with understanding their target markets for products.
  • International Trade Summits: statewide and regional New England events that focus on networking and information exchange across stakeholders in the aerospace and defense markets.
  • Marketing: development of a marketing strategy for the statewide promotion of the aerospace and defense industry.
  • Export Compliance: assist with training and consultation for companies needing to address export compliance issues.
  • Commercialization Training: provide training and consultation to companies looking to expand their products to commercial markets.
    • Projected Outcomes

      The grant will help the NHEDC expand to meet the growing demands of New Hampshire businesses. Projected outcomes include helping aerospace and defense companies diversify and grow operations, markets, and employees.