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Pinal County, Arizona

Program: Compatible Use

Pinal County, Arizona

Pinal County communities collaborate with neighboring military installations to address current and future civilian development.

Pinal County is serving as the project sponsor and grantee for the 21-month Pinal County Joint Land Use Study (JLUS), projected for completion in February 2019. The City of Eloy; Towns of Florence, Marana, and Queen Creek; Arizona State Land Department; Arizona Department of Transportation, and other affected stakeholders, are also participating in the study.

The Pinal County JLUS represents a community-driven planning process among Pinal County military installations and the surrounding communities to promote compatible civilian development in support of military readiness and defense capabilities; protect public health, safety, general welfare, and quality of life; promote the economic viability of the communities; and foster continued communication among the installations and the surrounding communities to address compatibility issues. 

The study area includes all of Pinal County, where the Florence Military Reservation, Silver Bell Army Heliport - including Picacho Peak Airfield Annex - and Rittenhouse Training Site are located. These installations play a key role in training the National Guard as well as active duty and reserve Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. The Pinal County JLUS planning process will benefit both the military installation and the supporting communities by identifying existing and future land use conflicts, and where mitigation strategies, ordinances, and future planning may counter possible civilian development that may impair continued military operations.

Encroachment concerns that are being studied include:

  • Increased noise complaints from residents.
  • Habitat loss and degradation resulting in an increased number of candidate species, threatened or endangered species moving onto or through the installations.
  • Increased civilian trespassing.
  • Increased traffic from transportation infrastructure improvements and extensions impacting military convoys.
  • Increased dust complaints from training operations;
  • Increased airspace, light, and frequency spectrum encroachment resulting in additional restrictions on flight paths, types, timing, and frequency of operations, and future technology and training requirements.
  • Vertical obstructions interfering with flight training and operations.

The following deliverables are anticipated from the study effort:

  • Joint Land Use Study Final Report to identify compatibility issues and recommended actions to address or mitigate the compatibility issues at NOFS and Camp Navajo.
  • Public Participation Plan including a project website and variety of communication tools to facilitate early and continuing outreach to project stakeholders.
  • Implementation and Monitoring Plan that identifies responsible parties, recommended organizational structure, processes, timelines, estimated costs, and financing mechanisms to implement the recommendations.
  • Project Overview for public distribution and posting on public websites.

Point of Contact

Himanshu Patel

Community Development Director, Pinal County

(520) 866-6465

Program: Compatible Use

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