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Solano County


Regional Background

Solano County, California, located east of the Bay Area, is home to Travis AFB. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce, the base’s total military and DoD civilian positions (8,654) represent approximately 6.4 percent of the total wage and salary employment (135,486) in the region. This figure is above the 6 percent threshold (or 1.5 times the national average of 4 per cent) which has been established as the minimum Defense concentration necessary to determine that a substantial portion of the economic activity of the geographic area is dependent on Defense expenditures.

Project Overview

In 2013, DoD’s Office of Economic Adjustment awarded a Defense Industry Adjustment grant to Solano County to conduct a research study on the economic impact of Travis Air Force Base on the local community.

The research examined industry clusters that held potential for future growth and would assist the county in moving away from a government- dominated economy. Four clusters emerged:

  • Energy with $1.9 billion in economic output and 5,400 jobs;
  • Food Chain with $1.4 billion in economic output and 9,500 jobs;
  • Medical and Life Sciences with $1.8 billion in economic output and 11,400 jobs;
  • Advanced Materials with $2.2 billion in economic output and 8,400 jobs.

Projected Outcomes

The Economic Diversification Study Project culminated in an economic strategy that identified 13 strategies and 39 implementation actions for local jurisdictions to pursue over the next five years to achieve the stated goals of enhancing countywide development capacity, strengthening regional economic development and workforce development programs and services, and improving the quality of life for county residents and businesses.