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State of Arizona, Arizona

Program: Compatible Use

State of Arizona, Arizona

Arizona, Arizona State University, the City of Surprise and others are collaborating in planning efforts to ensure energy projects throughout the state do not interfere with the military mission of local installations.

The City of Surprise, State of Arizona, and Arizona State University are working hand-in-hand with cities, counties, tribes, and military installations throughout the state of Arizona to create the Arizona Military Energy Land Use Plan (AME-UP), projected for completion in 2018.  The AME-UP represents a community planning effort to help prevent the siting of energy projects from adversely affecting Department of Defense (DoD) tests, training, and military operations.  State and local governments can support effective collaboration, early engagement and dialogue between DoD and energy developers to ensure proposed energy projects may proceed without compromising the DoD missions.

Arizona is home to a number of military installations, comprising 364,736 DoD-owned acres and 3,583,824 total acres throughout the state.  These areas also coincide with areas of greatest energy development potential, particularly in the western and southern half of the state. Several solar, wind, and energy transmission projects exist or are under consideration for development in Arizona, and could impair military operations.  This impairment may include radar interference, low level flight obstructions, momentary flash glint, continuous source glare, night vision goggle reflection, and electromagnetic spectrum interference. 

The study effort will result in the following deliverables:

  • Arizona Military & Energy Land Use Plan (AME-UP) - A best practices plan for assessment of existing and planned energy projects proximal and tangential to, and impacting DoD testing, training, and military operations; and
  • Online interactive web-mapping tool that cities and community planners, military personnel, renewable energy developers and other stakeholders may use to identify potential permitting requirements, cultural and natural resource sensitivities, and opportunities/conflicts between renewable energy development and military facilities and operations.

The goal of the AME-UP is to create an interactive community planning resource that will spur discussion and collaborative siting for renewable energy projects, while respecting requirements for continued military operations.  Both the plan and web tool are necessary to create comprehensive best practices for compatible siting of renewable energy projects within Arizona and a replicable model that can be developed for additional locations across the United States. This plan and an accompanying multi-dimensional web tool will provide best practices for siting of renewable energy projects throughout Arizona that are compatible with military operations.  By connecting a wide variety of stakeholders across the state, the plan will incorporate existing documentation of maps, airspace, land use, zoning, general plans, Bureau of Land Management zones, military installations, flight paths, and proposed and existing renewable energy projects.  AME-UP development will also use an inclusive model of public engagement through stakeholder meetings and focus groups to ensure extensive input and feedback from those directly involved and invested in the successful operations of military installations concurrent with the development of renewable energy projects, particularly solar.

Point of Contact:

Eric Fitzer

Director, Community Development

City of Surprise

(623) 222-3020

Program: Compatible Use

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