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FY 2015 Defense Spending By State report now available for download.



Regional Background

Many Rhode Island defense manufacturers provide parts, components, and subassemblies for defense related systems, ranging from communications, to weapons to vessels. With a considerable number of defense companies in Rhode Island, state leaders are working with Connecticut and Massachusetts to create an economic model to extract defense related data points necessary for policy decisions. Additionally, Rhode Island looks to assist defense companies in diversifying their products to meet the realities of today’s economy.

Project Overview

DoD’s Office of Economic Adjustment issued a Defense Industry Adjustment grant for the STEAMengine Defense Industry Economic Diversification initiative. This initiative will help Rhode Island develop a Design Readiness
Assessment (DRA) program that allows defense- manufacturing companies to pursue an accelerated program of market transformation through intensive use of industrial design, engineering, and innovation.
for the project include:

  • A database and reports that illustrate weaknesses within the defense company ecosystem with recommendations on how to focus the efforts described in the other tasks.
  • Creation of a fully operational DRA program and model for ongoing sustainability of services.
  • An innovation strategy that will guide future actions and investments related to defense technology innovation. The strategy will be summarized in the form of a PowerPoint presentation and a more detailed report will be available as a companion piece.
  • A set of design, engineering, and innovation curriculum for use by Rhode Island and regional stakeholders that can also be made available to defense manufacturers throughout the country.
  • Development and publication (via web) of a directory of all equipment that is available for use by defense contractors.
  • The development of a short and long-range space usage plan.