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Submarine Base New London, Connecticut

New London County communities work together to ensure compatibility with urban development and naval base activities at Submarine Base New London.

The Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments was the project sponsor and grantee for a 15-month Submarine Base (SUBASE) New London Joint Land Use Study (JLUS), which was completed in December 2017. Six municipalities that border the Thames River participated in the planning process: the Towns of Groton, Waterford, Ledyard, and Montville, and the Cities of Groton and New London.

The JLUS addressed existing and potential urban development surrounding the installation. Key challenges involve explosive safety arcs for magazines on the Northern edge of SUBASE that cross Route 12, a public transportation route. New bunker construction is also limited because of encroaching road traffic around SUBASE. On the Western side of the base, a private marina and dock potentially limits current and future submarine navigation through the Thames River due to the turning radius of new submarines and their associated explosive arcs. The JLUS provides recommendations to address or mitigate the above compatibility issues within the region.

The JLUS resulted in the following deliverables:

  • Joint Land Use Study final report to identify compatibility issues and recommend actions to address or mitigate the compatibility issues at SUBASE New London.
  • JLUS Background Report providing the technical background and detailed assessment of the compatibility factors and issues identified as part of the JLUS project.
  • Executive Summary of the Report.

The six involved municipalities, together with the State of Connecticut, are incorporating the findings and recommendations of the JLUS into future plans. These measures will prevent incompatibility issues that could impair operations at SUBASE and protect the public health, safety, and general welfare of those living near the active military installation.

Point of Contact

James S. Butler, AICP

Executive Director

Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments

(860) 889-2324

Program: Compatible Use

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