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Westover Air Reserve Base, Massachusetts

Communities around the Westover Air Reserve are working together to ensure compatibility and communication with urban development and base operations.

The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, a regional planning agency for the Pioneer Valley region in Western Massachusetts, is serving as the project sponsor and grantee for the 18-month Westover Air Reserve Base (ARB) Joint Land Use Study (JLUS). The study partners include the Cities of Chicopee and Springfield; Towns of Ludlow, South Hadley, Granby; Hampden County; and other affected stakeholders.

The JLUS is a community-driven planning process that will focus on promoting compatible community growth around the installation to preserve military capabilities. The goal of the study is to mitigate existing incompatibility issues between installation and communities and to prevent future issues from arising.

Strategically sited in western Massachusetts, Westover ARB is the nation’s largest Air Force Reserve base. The primary compatibility issues between base and communities are encroaching urban development in proximity to the military areas of influence, resulting in concerns related to compromised military training; incompatible community recreation uses which lie within the southern Clear Zones; and incompatible residential land uses which exist within the Accidental Potential Zones and the noise contours.

The following deliverables are expected to result from the process:

  • Joint Land Use Study final report to identify compatibility issues and recommended actions to address or mitigate compatibility issues at Westover ARB.
  • Draft Municipal Zoning Overlay Bylaws/Ordinances that restrict sensitive and high intensity uses in Accident Potential Zones and noise zones including a timetable for adoption/ implementation for the municipalities of Chicopee, Springfield, South Hadley and Granby; and
  • Written and agreed upon process to ensure that the base, airport and communities are aware of and have the opportunity to provide input on each other’s proposed projects to assure mutual compatibility.

Point of Contact

Lawrence Smith

Senior Planner

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission

(413) 781-6045

Program: Compatible Use

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