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FY 2015 Defense Spending By State report now available for download.

Bryant Monroe

Bryant Monroe joined the staff of the Defense Department’s Office of Economic Development (OEA) in November, 1991. Mr. Monroe currently serves as the Program Director for OEA’s assistance to communities affected by military base closings and realignments (BRAC). Mr. Monroe provides support to communities, DOD and Military Department staff, and other Federal partners to facilitate community planning and adjustment to the adverse impact of these closures and realignments at 25 major BRAC 2005 locations.

Prior to OEA Mr. Monroe worked in the economic development field on the staff of the National Association of State Development Agencies; the District of Columbia’s Office of Economic Development; and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Mr. Monroe began his Federal career as a Presidential Management Intern in 1979 and has completed the “Leadership for a Democratic Society” program at the Federal Executive Institute.