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FY 2015 Defense Spending By State report now available for download.

Nia Hope

Nia Hope is the Program Director for the Office of Economic Adjustment Community Investment Program, which supports activities beyond traditional OEA organization and planning activities and including discretionary and non-discretionary investments for which Congress has provided OEA specific Authorization and/or Appropriations.

In her role as Program Director, Ms. Hope is responsible for managing a team of project managers in the awarding and monitoring of a portfolio of pre-construction (planning and design), and construction investments in public schools on military installations and transportation infrastructure to selected defense communities. These investments support cities, states, and regions in mitigating adverse economic and infrastructure effects of defense decisions.

Ms. Hope has fourteen years of international and domestic experience in developing, executing, managing and evaluating innovative mission based regional and national economic, workforce, business, and community development programs. She began her Federal Service career at the Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration (EDA), first as the Economic Development Specialist for New England in the Philadelphia Regional Office of EDA and later as the Senior Program Analyst for the national Planning Partnership and Technical Assistance Program at EDA headquarters in Washington, D.C.