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Base Closure

Since 1988, more than 350 bases have been closed or realigned (a change the way the military service uses the base, reduce the numbers of personnel, etc). These downsizing actions or Base closures occur when the Department of Defense (DoD) needs to transform its infrastructure to meet changing needs of the military. These changes happen through a formal, congressionally authorized process called BRAC, which stands for Base Realignment and Closure.

Currently, there is no active BRAC process underway and the last BRAC process occurred in 2005.

Base closures can represent a significant economic challenge for communities. OEA works extensively with communities to guide them through the process of organizing to effectively plan and diversify their economy, redevelop base sites and lands, and minimize the impact of the closure on the community. For more about our process, visit the Base Realignment and Closure home page.


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