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The Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) is closed until further notice due to the lapse in Federal appropriations. As a result, OEA is prohibited by law, from responding to any matter and regret any inconvenience this may cause. OEA Grantees are authorized to continue grant activities in accordance with Grant Awards funded with OEA program of assistance, during the shutdown.

Defense Contractor Transitions

Millions of people across the country are employed by manufacturers, suppliers, developers and other firms whose primary or secondary customer is the Department of Defense. When the Defense Department changes strategy that impacts those firms – whether it is decreasing or ending production of equipment, or even increasing production – repercussions can be felt throughout a whole region.

OEA’s Defense Industry Adjustment (DIA) team works closely with the region impacted, including elected officials, economic development experts, non-profit organizations, universities, and state, regional and even other federal agencies to help address the economies surrounding the defense change. Sometimes this means helping manufacturers become more efficient, or exploring different markets, both domestic and international. Sometimes it can mean helping workers re-skill in growth industries in their area. Or, it can mean helping a community address an influx of workers as a new plant is opened. Regardless of the solution, OEA’s approach helps communities help themselves.

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