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Getting Started

Introduction to OEA

The Office of Economic Adjustment helps states and communities strengthen critical relationships with Department of Defense’s assets and installations.

Our Process

The Office Economic of Adjustment’s grant-funded activities are eligibility-based, needs-based, and customer-driven.


The Office of Economic Adjustment’s programs of assistance are designed to specifically address the challenges states and communities face as they support the defense mission. There are currently four programs of assistance: 

Community Investment

The Community Investment program enables states and communities to undertake necessary investments in public services and infrastructure to support the readiness and resiliency of installations, as well as to provide safe places for our service members and their families to live, work, and play.


Department of Defense force modernization, whether through the Base Realignment and Closure process or other actions, can have negative impacts on state and local economies. The Downsizing program of assistance enables state and local governments to anticipate and respond to these changes.

Industry Resilience

The Industry Resilience program assists communities as they respond to defense changes, specifically a cancelled contract or the failure to proceed with a previously approved weapons system.  In some cases, a reduction in defense spending that impacts the defense manufacturing base can also trigger assistance provided under this program.  

Military Installation Sustainability

The Military Installation Sustainability program of assistance is designed to provide technical and financial assistance to states and local governments to analyze and implement actions necessary to foster, protect, and enhance military installation sustainability. The program enables states and local governments to assist installations to optimize their mission, sustain their installation, and enhance the long-term readiness and military value of the power projection platform.

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