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Manage Your Grant

Defense Community Infrastructure Pilot Program (DCIP)

Thank you for your interest in the Defense Community Infrastructure Pilot Program (DCIP). The Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO) was published on Grants.gov on May 26, 2020. The proposal submission window is now closed (as of 5pm PDT, June 26, 2020).

Submitted proposals will be screened, evaluated, scored and ranked for presentation to the Secretary of Defense for decision.  Approval of a ranked list of proposals is expected in early August.  Based on the ranking of proposals and the availability of funding, proposers will be offered the opportunity to submit a grant application.

The Defense Community Infrastructure Program, authorized under Public Law 115-232 Section 2861, is a pilot program that authorizes the Secretary of Defense to make grants, conclude cooperative agreements, and supplement funds available under other Federal programs to address deficiencies in community infrastructure supportive of a military installation and the Secretary determines that such assistance will enhance the military family quality of life, resilience, or military value.

Contact: Daniel Glasson, Deputy Director, Daniel.l.glasson.civ@mail.mil