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Our Mission & History

Since its creation in the early 1960s, the Administration and Congress have looked to the Office of Economic Adjustment to assist states and communities hosting installations dealing with a changing Department of Defense presence.

Our Mission & History

The Office of Economic Adjustment is a Field Activity within the Department of Defense and provides technical and financial assistance to states and communities that are invested in the defense mission. Office of Economic Adjustment assistance supports the readiness and resiliency of both defense installations and defense communities, a priority for the country’s National Defense Strategy.


The Office of Economic Adjustment develops, maintains, and applies the expertise, experience and tools necessary to assist and leverage the strengths and capabilities of states and communities in concert with the expertise and resources of other Federal agencies to enhance the readiness, resiliency, and sustainability of our people and facilities, while also responding to local defense actions.


Founded in 1961, the Office of Economic Adjustment continues to assist communities across all 50 states and the U.S. territories. These communities have different economic profiles and demographic make-ups but share the goal of supporting the military mission.

With headquarters in Arlington, Virginia and the Western Regional Office in Sacramento, California, the Office of Economic Adjustment employs an interdisciplinary staff that helps states and communities support the National Security Strategy by achieving economic resiliency and agility in the face of shifting Department of Defense priorities. This is done by engaging with state and community leaders, the Military Services, and other Federal agencies to develop strategies around positive economic growth; support nearby civilian use adjustments; and ensure the balance of community growth in order to enhance the readiness, resiliency and sustainability of installations and in support of  the military mission.

Organizational Structure

The Office of Economic Adjustment is a Field Activity within the Office of the Secretary of Defense, under the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment (A&S). The Office is under the purview of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Sustainment).

Unique Operating Authority

OEA executes assistance on behalf of the Department of Defense under statutory authority [Title 10, Section 2391] to make grants, conclude cooperative agreements, and supplement other Federal programs to work with states and communities.

Executive Order 12788, as amended, establishes the Defense Economic Adjustment Program and Economic Adjustment Committee:  “The head of the Department of Defense's Office of Economic Adjustment shall provide all necessary policy and administrative support for the Committee and shall be responsible for coordinating the application of the Defense Economic Adjustment Program to Department of Defense activities.”

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