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Grand Forks AFB: $1M delivers UAS capabilities for the 319th Reconnaissance Wing



Military Service:

Air Force

As the result of a $1M OEA Economic Adjustment Investment, the State of North Dakota and Grand Forks County created the Grand Sky Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Technology Park to support the Air Force’s RQ-4 Global Hawk mission through public-private partnerships focused on additional training, research, and operations.  The Federal Aviation Administration subsequently granted approval to the Northern Plains UAS Test Site to conduct beyond visual line of sight flights from Grand Sky, allowing for greater support of testing, development and evaluation of UAS technologies. The effort has resulted in civilian investments of $15.5M in infrastructure, $50M for new facilities on Grand Forks AFB, and the designation of the 319th Reconnaissance Wing.  This aligns the installation with its RQ-4 Global Hawk mission and establishes it as the lead for RQ-4 ISR operations around the world.